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Laser Couture are Hampshire’s Laser Specialists.

Our medical grade equipment and highly specialised staff offer hair removal and exclusive laser skin treatments. Whether your skin complaint or excess hair is as a result go a medical condition, or causes you emotional discomfort – we’re here for you.

Being healthy and happy is about how we feel about our bodies, not just how they look. At Laser Couture we are champions of laser treatments and giving people the confidence they deserve.

About Us


 Working with skin based treatments and with over 10 years on hands-on experience in offering all forms of hair reduction and skin rejuvenation, we can confidently claim to be experts in laser hair removal and laser skin improvement.

We serve women, men, acne sufferers, those with hormonal conditions, transgender persons and members of the LGBT community, many of whom now look upon us with trust and confidence. Our number one goal is providing a safe and welcoming environment alongside medical grade treatments and exceptional aftercare.


Do you use Laser or IPL? How is it different?

At Laser Couture we only use LASER, the medical grade CYNOSURE VECTUS.

Laser is highly effective as it works on a single wavelength and produces more heat which reaches deeper into the hair follicle, delivering higher impact.

On the other hand, IPL works on a broad spectrum, which is similar in principle to a light bulb, and is therefore less likely to penetrate deep into the hair follicle. Also, since men tend to have deeper and thicker hair, there is a greater possibility of a skin burn, especially on darker skin types.

Laser delivers safer and better results, and is therefore the preferred choice for hair removal treatments.

How does the treatment work?

The laser targets the pigment in the hair. Laser transfers focused heat deep into the hair follicle, which cuts off the blood supply and results in stunting hair regrowth.

Do you treat men?

We treat everyone and all areas that can be treated.

How many sessions will I need?

There are multiple treatments available for long-term reduction of hair and these depend on the type of hair and hair color. The number of sessions required depends on various parameters, including the area of the body being treated, skin color, coarseness of hair, and gender.

Do you treat under 18's?

We do not treat under 18’s for insurance reasons. We are happy to advise on an appropriate course of treatment until you become an adult.

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