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The difference between a Beauty Therapist & a Laser Technician

Across the field of health, wellness, beauty and aesthetics – there are numerous titles and accolades. To the customer, patient or client, these can become confusing and baffling. When choosing the professional you’d like to carry out your aesthetic treatments, it’s important to note their qualifications and choose the appropriate level of expertise.

Beauty therapists pamper, beautify and treat customers to a relaxing experience. This might include treatments such as:
– Facials and exfoliation treatments
– Manicures, pedicures, gels or nail extensions
– Waxing, threading or plucking
– Eyelash and eyebrow dyes and perms
– Lash extensions

Experienced and highly qualified beauticians and beauty therapists may have also trained in intimate waxing, reflexology, massage or aromatherapy. In the UK, most beauty therapists must complete NVQ qualifications and vocational training at specialist colleges (such as ITEC in Advanced Beauty Therapy or VTCT Diplomas). When it comes to more advanced beauty procedures, these may require individuals to have a level of medical training – above and beyond their potential beauty therapy experience.

These types of procedures might include:
– Botox and fillers
– Medical grade facials and peels
– Non-surgical aesthetic treatments
– Laser hair removal

In particular, practitioners and experts carrying out medical grade laser hair removal must be highly qualified. At Laser Couture, our laser experts are trained by laser specialist manufacturers and have professional certifications in laser safety. On top of NVQ qualifications in Beauty Therapy, we are VTCT Level 4 Laser qualified and trained with 510nm – 1540nm lasers – ensuring the complete safety of our clients.

It is incredibly important to consider the knowledge and background of your laser specialist. Any treatment which involves the skin, or permanency of results, must be taken seriously. The cost of a bad laser job is much more than a few hundred pounds. If you pay for laser treatments from an under-qualified individual, you risk:
Burnt skin
– Darkened areas around the removed hair
– Blistered areas
– Rashes and pimples
– Extreme pain during and after the procedure
– Patchy hair regrowth and poor results
– A total waste of money…

With over 20 year’s experience, our laser specialists are some of the most exceptionally
qualified in the field. Emma is also trained by Cynosure, the creator of the medical grade Cynosure Vectus Laser – the best on the market. Our unrivalled results are due to Emma’s advanced level of experience with all types of hair removal, from PCOS to hirsutism. A highly-qualified specialist will be able to assess your skin type, advise you on top-of-therange after care and deliver results after your first session. If you experience anything less than this, then it’s time to look elsewhere. If you have any questions about Emma, her team or the procedures and treatments they carry out – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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