Personal Consultations

The importance of personalised consultations

Personal Consultations
Help us to help you get great results.

Just as you are expected to have a patch test before a beauty treatment, laser hair removal and laser skin treatments are not walk-in, walk-out procedures. Before embarking on your supple-skinned, hair-free journey, you’ll need to have a chat with your laser technician.

Why do I need a consultation?
Would you start driving somewhere that you didn’t know how to get to, without consulting a map? No. Without a full consultation, both you and your laser technician are going in blind.

A consultation is required to discuss:
– Your skin type and which areas you’d like to treat.
– How many sessions you’re likely to require, depending on hair type, skin
complaint and area.
– Any possible side effects, pain or discomfort and how to treat it.
– Contraindications that might affect your treatment.
– Preparation and aftercare procedures.

Your laser technician also needs to know about any pre-existing conditions or regular medications. This may involve a short run down of your medical history and asking whether you have been, or are, pregnant. During this consultation, it’s important to ask as many questions as you need to. There’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to medical procedures, so make sure you leave ‘in the know’.

Managing expectations
One of the most important reasons for needing a thorough consultation, is to discuss the various contraindications that may affect your treatment. For example, many laser treatments cannot be carried out on those with:

– Bleeding disorders
– Large metal implants
– Histamine allergies
– Vitiligo
– A prescription for medications that increase photosensitivity
– Keloid scarring
– Lesions, wounds or active herpes

There are other conditions that may affect the efficacy or longevity of your laser treatments. For example – with laser hair removal on those with hirsutism, it may take a few extra sessions to get the desired result. For acne scarring and other skin discolouration, several specialist laser facial treatments may be required. The best  way for us to assess the level and length of your treatment, is to examine the skin in-person.

A consultation will allow us to discuss the effectiveness of your treatment. We believe that should get what you pay for – therefore, we are upfront about results and will not treat someone or recommend a treatment that may not work for them. If we are concerned, we’ll always suggest that you speak to your GP before embarking on any aesthetic procedure process.

As specialists in laser treatments, there is nothing we haven’t seen before. Our state of the art training means that we are always up to date with the latest practices and contraindication information. If you’re concerned or would like know if laser might be the way forward for you, start by getting in touch and speaking one of our friendly team.

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