Special hair and skin treatments for those in the process of undergoing gender reassignment, or any person who wishes to have specialist hair or skin treatment due to their gender identity

Any kind of correction or realignment to how we perceive our gender self identity is a major decision that requires expert psychological and medical consultation and those who are in the process of considering it have a lot of concerns, questions and dilemmas.

One of the key areas of concern pertains to the new look once a person is living in their true gender identity or coming out, and how to adjust to their natural and often new personality that emerges thereafter. An important part of the process is adjusting and accepting even potentially removing/growing hair, which is a function of the hormone level within the body.

In recognising that gender reassignment is predominantly a social process, at Laser Couture, we offer special focus and attention to those proposing to undergo, undergoing or having undergone gender reassignment, or those coming out who seek further treatment for hair and skin and want to feel comfortable around those who are treating them. Our laser expert Emma comes with experience of working within the LBGT community and understands their special needs and concerns.

This is why, over the years, members of the transgender community have been coming back for further treatments, as they remain confident of receiving specialised care and attention, based on their specific requirements.

So, if you are at a point where you need special hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatment, give us a call on 01962 851964  and we will gladly set up a personal consultation with Emma, laser expert and owner of Laser Couture.

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